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20/01/23 – Séminaire BMBI par Fahmi Bedoui

Le pre­mier sémi­naire de l’année 2023 sera don­né par Fah­mi Bedoui (ECC, Lab­o­ra­toire Rober­val, UTC) le ven­dre­di 20 jan­vi­er de 14h à 15h à l’ampli Gauss.

Titre du sémi­naire :  « Size effects in nano-rein­forced poly­mers: hybrid mod­el­ing and exper­i­men­tal approach »

Résumé : The empha­sis in the realm of rein­forced poly­mers has been on increas­ing ulti­mate prop­er­ties, such as max­i­mum stiff­ness and max­i­mum load. Nano-rein­forced mate­ri­als were the answer to almost all of those ques­tions. At the same time, the emer­gence of nanos­truc­tured sys­tems rais­es new sci­en­tif­ic ques­tions rang­ing from mate­ri­als pro­cess­ing to char­ac­ter­i­za­tion of their phys­i­cal behav­ior and appro­pri­ate mod­el­ing of their effec­tive prop­er­ties. The nanos­truc­tur­al-dri­ven nature of nano-rein­forced poly­mer­ic mate­ri­als and which makes them ver­sa­tile also rep­re­sents a chal­lenge to deeply under­stand the nano-induced behav­ior. This behav­ior depends on a com­plex sequence of ele­men­tary phe­nom­e­na that cross the length scales, rang­ing from atom­ic scales (Ångström) gov­erned by QM and atom­istic MD, tran­si­tion through scales dom­i­nat­ed by microstruc­tures, and end­ing with the macroscale (cm and beyond) of the end-users sys­tem. Con­se­quent­ly, it is not yet pos­si­ble to com­plete­ly opti­mize tech­no­log­i­cal sys­tems based sole­ly on engi­neer­ing approach­es. We must start inte­grat­ing mod­el­ing and opti­miza­tion of salient inter­ac­tions into the design at each scale to under­stand their impact on larg­er scales. The cur­rent exper­i­men­tal­ly-based engi­neer­ing approach to devel­op­ing new sys­tems must be enriched and led by mod­el­ing, cou­pled with an exper­i­men­tal approach along with engi­neer­ing sys­tem devel­op­ment. The gen­er­al idea is to com­bine the best of com­put­ing, with the best expec­ta­tions from the world of mate­r­i­al sci­ence to short­en devel­op­ment time for new engi­neer­ing sys­tems result­ing in more com­pet­i­tive man­u­fac­tur­ing process­es in the most high-demand emerg­ing tech­nol­o­gy mar­kets. In this talk, the focus will be put on two sets of nano-rein­forced poly­mers (PMMA + SiO2 and PVDF + Fe3O4 Nanos­pheres). The rein­force­ment size effects and the inter­fa­cial inter­ac­tions will be inves­ti­gat­ed to under­stand how these two aspects could tune the macro­scop­ic mechan­i­cal and phys­i­cal properties.