Détail de l'événement

23 Février - Séminaire BMBI - Tien Tuan Dao-BMBI

Pour le deuxième séminaire BMBI en 2018, nous proposons une présentation par un membre interne du laboratoire : Dr. Tien-Tuan Dao (Equipe C2MUST,

Date, lieu et heure : Vendredi 23/02/2018 13h-14h, amphi Gauss.
Talk title: Agent-based modeling and simulation: what we can discover from biological systems at multiple scales.
Abstract: Agent-based modeling and simulation (ABMS) has been considered as an attracting tool for multiscale modeling of the biological organs or systems of interest. In particular, this individual-based modeling approach allows to explore the molecule-cell structure/function and their interaction with upper scale behaviors (i.e. organ or system scales). This opens new dimensions to study the multi-scale interactions inside the human body.
This talk will address an overview of this modeling approach and discoveries related to biological systems from the literature. Then, recent works related to bone remodeling, cell membrane formation and neural command generation will be presented.